PLS 90E System


The PLS 90E was designed to tackle the most challenging aspect of aligning job sites, PRECISE 90º. Use the Daylight Detector to layout square in bright sunlight on the level or on a gradient.

PLS 90E Specifications
AnglePrecise 90º
Accuracy 3mm @ 30m
Self Leveling Class II Laser Product
PLS 180 System


Lay out all your alignment tasks with the PLS 180 in the palm of your hand, fast accurate and portable the PLS 180 saves you time and money. Considered to have unlimited applications indoors and outside with the unique daylight detector.

PLS 180 Specifications
Accuracy 3mm @ 10m
Self Leveling Class II Laser Product
PLS 360E System


Fully self leveling, the PLS 360E provides you with a 360 degree line of reference. The PLS 360E offers one button set up for indoor-outdoor applications. Unlike rotary lasers with sensitive moving parts, this compact, bright and durable tool has no complicated features or multiple knob adjustments.

PLS 360 Specifications
Range150m (Diameter)
Weight 900g
Accuracy 3mm @ 30m
Self Leveling Class II Laser Product
Do you still use a plumb bob?.Lay out reference points faster than traditional, labour intensive methods. Plumb instantly from floor to ceiling or from 15m off the ground! Self-leveling: no time wasted with bubble vials.

PLS 3 Specifications:
Accuracy 3mm @ 10m
Self Leveling Class II Laser Product


The PLS 5 is designed to give layout reference points, with five laser dots each operating up to 75m.This tool eliminates the need for any 3-4-5 calculations. Layout a full construction grid on the site before commencing saving you time and money. The PLS 5 unique daylight detector ensures work can be done in bright sunlight.

PLS 5 Specifications:
Layout Angle 90°  Square
Accuracy 3mm @ 30m
Weight 800g
Self Leveling Class II Laser Product
PLS HVR505 System

ROTATING LASER For Mid Range Applications.

Fully self leveling rotating laser for vertical and horizontal applications. Use the detector for exterior use and the remote control for easy access and speed adjustments.

PLS HVR505 R & G Specifications
300 m
Accuracy 3mm @30m
Self Leveling Rotating Laser
Have it all with the plumb, level and square set out / reference laser with 360 degree lines in all three planes X,Y and Z! The ultimate in laser levelling technology.

PLS HVL 100 Specifications:
Range 150m (Diameters)
Weight 1.2kg
Accuracy <3mm@20m
Self levelling Class II Laser Product
PLS HVE 1000
Exterior / interior large range, fully automatic laser for levelling only.

PLS HVE 1000 Specifications:
Range 600m (Diameter)
Accuracy 2.4mm@30m
Self levelling Class II Rotating Laser Product
Interior square floor & tile layout laser, with a durable cast aluminium casing for added protection.

PLS FT90 Specifications:
Range 30m
Accuracy 2mm@6m
Class II Laser Product
Nedo mEssfix compact

Measure interior dimensions quickly and reliably with the lightweight and handy telescopic measuring stick Nedo mEssfix compact. Simply place the mEssfix compact in position, pull out the extensions and conveniently read off the measurement from the analogue display. Ideal in interior outfitting. Nedo mEssfix compact is very handy thanks to its compact dimensions, its light weight and its round telescopic tubes. The display is attached at the foot of the mEssfix compact, so when measuring windows, the measured values can conveniently be read off at eye level. A two-way bubble is integrated into the display housing to facilitate taking horizontal and vertical measurements.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Robust display housing with horizontal/vertical bubbles
  • Circular telescopic tubes for convenient handling
  • Supplied with case as a standard

Ref.-No. F 380 211 F 580 211
Measuring range 0.60 m to 3.04 m 0.91 m to 5.01 m
Length retracted 0.60 m 0.60 m
Graduations mm mm
Weight 0.9 kg 1.4 kg
Nebo Quasar 6

Self-levelling cross line laser for levelling, aligning, plumbing and marking 90° angles. Four vertical laser lines and one horizontal laser line generate a cross on one wall and on the ceiling. An additional plumb beam transfers the cross from the ceiling to the floor. Suitable laser for interior finishing and exterior applications.


  • Highly visible laser beams; can be switched on separately
  • Reliable self-levelling function
  • Compensator lock for transportation
  • Tangent screw for fine adjustment
  • Reliable magnetic damping
  • Rugged design with shock protection system
  • Pulse mode for outdoor use with laser receiver
  • Quick charge, max. 2.5 h to charge batteries
  • Run charge function
  • 5/8’’ thread

Ref.-No. 460 930
Accuracy ± 3 mm/10 m
Self-levelling range ± 3.5°
Laser laser class 2M, 635 nm
Working range 25 m without receiver
50 m with receiver
Power supply rechargeable batteries NiMH, 2300 mAh
Operation duration approx. 15 h
Protection class IP 54
Weight 1.5 kg


  • Measuring distances and calculating results are accurate
  • Shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, area and volume calculation make measurement fast and reliable.
  • Historical measurements can be stored.
  • Measuring units can be conversed from each other: m/ft/in.
  • Switch-off laser beam within 30 seconds, and switch-off device within 180 seconds.
  • Laitz spot is clearly visible.

Technology Data:
Measuring Range 0.05 - 60m
Measuring Accuracy ±1.5mm
Laser Type 635nm, <1mW, Class 2
Operating Temperature -10°C up to +50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C up to +65°C
Historical Measurements 50 values
Splash Proof/ Dust Protected IP54
Batteries AAA, 2x1.5V, up to 5000 measurements
Dimensions 126 x 54 x 28mm
Weight with batteries approx. 195g

Features and Functions:
Distance Measurement Available
Area Measurement Available
Indirect Measurement using Pythagoras Available
Continuous Measurement Available
Max/Min Measurement Available
Data Addition/Subtraction Available
Display illumination Available
Multi-functional end piece Available
Auto Scale Technology Available
Tripod Thread Available
Stake Out Function Available

Packing list:
Laser distance meter Laitz HLD60
Hand loop
User Manual
Warranty card
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